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Vault8 World is a world of Technology where we think outside of the box. We adapt new technologies to old applications. We do not cut and paste, we innovate and build from the ground up. We see things differently in the technology world. When bitcoin and cryptocurrency started, we did not care about the bitcoin, we wanted to know about the technology and how we could make it better.

We built Vault8 Private Numbered Cryptocurrency Safe Deposit Boxes just for that reason we are the first company to do so. We build a blockchain from the ground up just for this purpose. When do not build projects to operate them, we build them for others to do so. We sell them or license them to other companies and individuals. But we keep updating the systems with the latest technology.

New Light to Old Technology

Vault8 the First Company to Offer Anonymous Private Numbered Virtual Safe Deposit Boxes for Cryptocurrency; and the First Company build a Blockchain Specifically for Cryptocurrency Safe Deposit Boxes. Vault8 is 100% Anonymous with No Personal Information Required.

Vault8 is the Swiss Bank Account for cryptocurrency. Vault8 with $400M in cryptocurrency deposits and 4,000 safe deposit box accounts since launch in 2018. 

Other Projects:  Loan Documents running on Vault8 blockchain, Loan documents are signed and money transmitted at the same time. Travel booking on a blockchain, no middleman like 

Vault8 World Lease

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency Mining Rig Lease / Purchase

No Qualifying Lease Financing of Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency) mining equipment. We sell and finance* mining packages, bitcoin mining rigs. There are no credit checks and no qualifying. This is not for single rig operations; multiple rigs must be purchased and operating.

This is for private mining operations. We do not collect personal information or request it. We do track our equipment operation.

1. You must be operational within 30 days of receipt of equipment.
2. You cannot sell or rent out the equipment to a 3rd party
3. Minimum 25 mining rigs or more 
4. Monthly payments for mining equipment – no interest
5. Lender receives 5% of mining profits first year, 3% to term, during term of financing
6. Remote access to verify mining operation (through mining software)
7. Operational within 30 days, payments start within 60 days
8. Lease Purchase Financing 1 - 2 years / $1 buyout at term
9. *Lease financing is by independent Lender
10. No Interest charge
11. Same day approvals and account setup
12. First lease payment is all that is required to get started. 

Packages and mining rig configurations are negotiable. Two week delivery. 


Private, Anonymous, Numbered Cryptocurrency Safe Deposit Box Service Established 2017. 


You may contact us here or on Twitter, live chat on our website.

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