Vault8 World is Disrupting a $13 Billion Dollar Industry

Online Booking Websites Make $13 Billion from Hotels & Airlines 

 Online Travel Booking Websites make $13 Billion dollars a year from Hotels & Airlines, which is passed on to the travelers. Millions of traveler's personal information is stored by sites like Personal and credit card information is kept even on travelers who don't want to join. And that information is sold to 3rd party companies.

Vault8 World is disrupting a $13 billion dollar industry by cutting out the middleman like We are connecting hotels & airlines with travelers using blockchain technology. This is all done without collecting or storing personal information or credit card information and without a central database.

Currently booking sites like charge hotels & airlines up to 20% or more just to use their service. The booking sites also collect millions of traveler's personal information and credit card information, they do share this information with other companies.

Using blockchain technology to make transaction more secure, protect peoples personal information and cut costs is what blockchain technology is about.

Vault8 World is working on a simple premise, a portal website that collects no personal or credit card information. Where hotels & airlines can post their rooms and flights as they do now, except when a traveler books a room or flight, they are booking directly with the hotel or airline.

This is the whole purpose of blockchain technology. This cuts out the middleman, so the traveler, the consumer saves hundreds of dollars and the hotel & airlines save also. Think of it, the family who cannot afford to travel now can, for loved ones able to see each other, medical trips more affordable, the reason are endless.

Vault8 World is not re-inventing the wheel, we are simply applying blockchain technology to an industry that has been around for 20 years, just as online bookings took over from travel agents we are using blockchain technology for direct bookings.

We understand that when you disrupt an old industry with new technology there is blow back. Either they hate it and call it crazy or a not trustworthy (which does not make sense because we don't have anything to do with personal information or credit card information) or the bookings themselves). We can create more jobs, make the booking process smoother, more secure, and the traveler's save money, the hotels & airlines save money. We don't see this as a bad thing.

The responses and requests for more information and to sign up for our beta testing program when it launches has been amazing. We welcome everyone's input so we can build a better system. 

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